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I Will Take Any Chance I Get To Bring Up ‘The Human Centipede’

A college classmate of mine helpfully posted a link to this article in the NY Times  on her Facebook account today, and it provided me with so much amusement, I ended up reading it out loud to my husband in its entirety.

The article is a profile of the wedding of David Friedlander and Jacqueline Schmidt (described as an “ethereal redhead” in the first paragraph, a harbinger of snark to come), who decided to turn their wedding not just into a moment to celebrate their commitment to one another but to proselytize about “the world of creativity and social purpose that they inhabit.”  I hate to cast aspersions on a non-traditional wedding, since mine certainly lacked many elements of tradition, but I also think it is really the wrong place to push a lot of your philosophical musings on people.  They want to see some folks get hitched, enjoy a little free booze, and get to the buffet line quickly.

Instead, what guests got when the attended the Friedlander/Schmidt wedding was a Powerpoint presentation “on subjects of interest to the couple – ecological efficiency, neuroscience, holistic healing.”  I love how the poor writer assigned to this beat described this event:  “Few events have so perfectly distilled the essence of a certain New York lifestyle as it is practiced right now, one steeped in proselytizing, bohemian entrepreneurialism.”  Oh, I feel like I lived down the street from these people in Brooklyn.  Although, that can’t be true, because I’m sure these folks have so much more money than I ever did.  They downsized because they thought it was good for the earth; I did it because my apartment was the size of a cockroach’s suitcase.

What I was immediately reminded of, as I read the description of their heavy-sell bohemian Powerpoint presentation, was another similar presentation in the soon-to-be-classic horror film, “The Human Centipede.”  In it, the evil doctor presents to his victims his vision, which involves him sewing them together mouth-to-anus.  His victims watch in horrified abject despair.

Here's what will happen if you don't recycle!

Now here’s a photo of the wedding Powerpoint presentation:

Downsizing means not all of us get our own anus.

I feel like these two decided to create a metaphorical version of the Human Centipede experience and bring it to the people!

Comments have been closed for the article, another telling sign.  Also you really get a sense for the reporter’s bedraggled perspective when she acidly comments at the end, “Their strain of progressivism never feels convincingly divorced from ambitious self-promotion.”  Much like the doctor in the film!  Any hitchhikers or stray travelers on the road become victims for his disturbing experiments.  Really, these people might find more adherents to their world view if they insinuate that anyone not in compliance will find himself at the wrong end of a scalpel…


Cybrids – the new slave race?

There’s an interesting editorial on the NY Times Olivia Judson blog about a bill in the U.K. approving the fusing of animal and human DNA into “cybrid” embryos. I pointed it out to a coworker yesterday and her only response was, “What, like a new slave race?”

For some reason I found that hilarious. Slave race = laugh riot, I guess.
I’m still looking for a roommate, so anyone wandering here as a potential roommate I suppose will find out that I’m a book nerd, and I’m a relatively bad blogger. Listen, kids, I did start blogging in 2001! It was just on this super oldster-site called and I kept my diary there pretty private. It still exists, I still occasionally throw a post up there, mostly because of the community of 2 dozen or so people that I care about. I went through that whole early-20s Overshare/TMI experience online back before you could end up writing an article in the NY Times magazine based on your blogger status (like Emily Gould has done for this weekend). Back then, all you got when you overshared online was an occasional moment when you got asked by a reader of your site.
But those days are over now! I’m just gonna write about books’n’stuff. I am just now catching up on all the Best of 2007 books I couldn’t read because of grad school, and I have to admit: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao totally deserves the praise it received. I was so moved I actually cried at the end, and that happens only .000001% of the time in my black, scarred book-reviewer heart.
I have an assignment for BUST magazine I’m now working on (which is, groan, a memoir about religion), but then its back to working my way through the 2007s, as well as taking a crack at the syllabus for my fall seminar.

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