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I Forgot This Blog Even Existed

Here’s a funny thing:  I forgot I had this blog!  So the other day when my father asked me about using WordPress, I went and looked at the site to see how it worked.  To my surprise, I discovered that the site recognized my email address and directed me to a blog I had completely forgotten about, that I’d kept for almost a year!  If I weren’t so amused, I might be freaked out about the memory loss.  I can only attribute this to the fact(s) that:  a) I was working full time, b) I was maintaining full-time status as a graduate student in an MFA program, and c) I had just started dating someone and it was getting serious, so I probably forgot all about my silly blog because I was in LUUUUUUV.

Anyway, the experience of re-reading it yesterday was jarring and hilarious.  First of all, for a few minutes I wasn’t even sure I had written it myself, so it was like reading the words of a stranger.  That stranger turns out to be kind of amusing!  I turned to my husband (yes, the dating worked out – we’re married now) as I was reading and commented, “Hey, I’m pretty funny!” which made him laugh, either with me or at me, I’m still not sure.  I also decided that I needed to blow the dust off this old thing and start writing in it again, because a little writing here will probably do wonders for my discipline with creative, off-line projects.  I’ve been working so many hours as a college instructor that I forget to go back and tend to my own creative work.  So here goes, let’s crank a few gears and see if this old clunker has any life left in her….


Cybrids – the new slave race?

There’s an interesting editorial on the NY Times Olivia Judson blog about a bill in the U.K. approving the fusing of animal and human DNA into “cybrid” embryos. I pointed it out to a coworker yesterday and her only response was, “What, like a new slave race?”

For some reason I found that hilarious. Slave race = laugh riot, I guess.
I’m still looking for a roommate, so anyone wandering here as a potential roommate I suppose will find out that I’m a book nerd, and I’m a relatively bad blogger. Listen, kids, I did start blogging in 2001! It was just on this super oldster-site called and I kept my diary there pretty private. It still exists, I still occasionally throw a post up there, mostly because of the community of 2 dozen or so people that I care about. I went through that whole early-20s Overshare/TMI experience online back before you could end up writing an article in the NY Times magazine based on your blogger status (like Emily Gould has done for this weekend). Back then, all you got when you overshared online was an occasional moment when you got asked by a reader of your site.
But those days are over now! I’m just gonna write about books’n’stuff. I am just now catching up on all the Best of 2007 books I couldn’t read because of grad school, and I have to admit: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao totally deserves the praise it received. I was so moved I actually cried at the end, and that happens only .000001% of the time in my black, scarred book-reviewer heart.
I have an assignment for BUST magazine I’m now working on (which is, groan, a memoir about religion), but then its back to working my way through the 2007s, as well as taking a crack at the syllabus for my fall seminar.

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