Hurricane Laura

No Overarching Themes: Pure Miscellany

About Laura

“Hurricane Laura” was the nickname my parents and brother gave me growing up.  It described (describes?) my tendency towards intensity and ill-tempered ranting – they considered those negative qualities at the time, and while these have certainly had their drawbacks, I prefer to embrace my misanthropy these days. I originally started this blog in 2007, mostly to capture a small obsession of mine, the 5-6 word headline style of the BBC news website.  I forgot all about this blog the last few years and just recently rediscovered it, just at the moment when I felt like writing in this format again.

I am a writer and college instructor living in the strange semi-urban, mostly suburban expanse of Northern Virginia.  I live with a smallish basset hound mix and a nerdy scientist, which turns out to be the perfect environment for happiness and sanity.  Originally from Tennessee, I have also lived in New York City and rural Japan.  I received my MFA in Creative Writing/Fiction from the New School in 2009 and my work has appeared in Bookforum, The Brooklyn Rail, and BUST magazine.


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